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What is Scrum?

What is Scrum? It's become one of the key buzzwords thrown around in the Software world today. Now just as a disclaimer, we're not talking about a Rugby Scrum, but interestingly that's where the name comes from. We are talking about a software development framework which is a subset of Agile. So before we discuss Scrum, lets figure out what Agile is. Agile is a set of software development methodologies that is entirely based on iterative development, that builds software incrementally. Requirements and Solutions evolve over the project timeline as opposed to delivering one entire solution at the end of the process. Now we can go back to the ideas behind Scrum. Scrum is one of the most commonly practiced frameworks for an organization to implement Agile Development. The philosophy behind Scrum is to create a consistent feedback loop on the progress of an application between stakeholders and developers. Which in turn, helps  a development tea

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